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Los marineros de la vendimia

Short-Term Work Permit
(Law 25.871 - Article 24H)

Those who enter for the purpose of carrying out works that by their depend on seasonal conditions and are only carried out during part of the year, with a term of up to THREE (3) months renewable for another similar period.

Required Documentation:


  • Proof of Registration in the National Registry of Applicants (Re.N.U.R.E.). (original and copy).

  • Certificate of CUIT.


  • A power granted by the Applicant, with sufficient powers to act before DNM.


  • Passport

  • Personal Information

  • Description of the tasks to be carried out by the foreigner in the National Territory and their relationship with the activity of the requesting firm.

  • The activity carried out by the company where the entrant provides services.

  • If the entrant previously visited the Argentine Republic.

Short-Term Work Permit: Service
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