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Venezuela’s Investor Visa: An Attractive Option for Foreign Investors

Located in northern South America, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a country rich in natural resources, especially oil. Despite the current economic and political crisis, Venezuela continues to offer investment opportunities through its investor visa program.

Country overview

Venezuela is constituted by a continental expanse and a considerable number of islands and islets in the Caribbean Sea. It ranks among the most urbanized nations in Latin America. The capital and principal urban conglomeration are found in the city of Caracas.

It's a federal presidential republic under a centralized authoritarian state. Venezuela possesses the world's largest known oil reserves and has historically held a prominent position as one of the leading global exporters of oil.

Originally, the country was characterized as an underdeveloped exporter of agricultural commodities such as coffee and cocoa. However, the landscape shifted rapidly, with oil emerging as the dominant force in both exports and government revenues.

Presently, Venezuela is undergoing a profound political, economic, and social crisis. The nation is mired in an unprecedented social and humanitarian collapse, stemming from ill-advised economic policies and political conflicts. This crisis has manifested in widespread food insecurity, marking the second-largest migration crisis globally, and regional instability. However, despite the current challenges, the Venezuela investor visa remains a viable alternative for those interested in obtaining residency privileges in the country, since maintaining residency status does not require permanent physical presence, only requiring a visit once every 24 months.

Investor visa

Venezuela provides renewable temporary residence permits with a validity of 3 years to individuals who make an investment in Venezuelan businesses. The required investment amount is determined by the relevant authorities and should be deemed sufficient, entailing acquiring a minimum of 20% of the shares in the company.

After a span of two years, applicants have the opportunity to transition to Residente status, a visa granting a five-year validity.

Upon completing ten consecutive years of residency (or five years if you are married to a Venezuelan citizen or born in Spain, Portugal, Latin-American, or Caribbean countries), the applicant becomes eligible to apply for Venezuelan citizenship.

Qualification Criteria:

To be eligible for the Temporary Inversionista visa in Venezuela, the specific investment amount is not explicitly defined. Instead, applicants are required to demonstrate that their investments are considered sufficient by the "competent Venezuelan authorities."

Additionally, the investor must maintain ownership of a minimum of 20% of the company's share capital to meet the established criteria.


  • Permits dual/multiple citizenship;

  • Lower cost of living;

  • Visa-free travel within MERCOSUR;

  • Path to citizenship;

  • Maintaining residency does not require physical presence; it only entails visiting once every 24 months

  • Warm climate

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