• Creimerman Product Team

Vanuatu: One of the world’s fastest citizenship by investment programmes

Vanuatu, situated in the south-western Pacific Ocean, is a chain of eighty islands. The nation is part of the Commonwealth and the principal languages are French and English, making it an inviting location for people from across the globe. Another reason as to why Vanuatu is so significant on a worldwide level is the citizenship by investment scheme available to anyone with the investable capital required to do so. Citizenship by investment may sound confusing, and to break it down, it is a payment, often in the form of a government donation, in return for a passport, making schemes of this kind extremely mutually beneficial, as well as paving a way towards the diversification of global sustainable development.

We will start with the requirements of the application to obtain the Vanuatuan passport:

1. USD$130,000 for a single applicant to invest in a local development fund

2. Proof that you have no less than USD$250,000 available funds

3. No criminal records

It is clear that the process does not have any extensive criteria, making it extremely accessible, the only negative would be the price, which is rather high on the surface. However, considering the cost of programmes for residency across the globe requiring investment of various sizes in real estate, this donation is relatively competitive. Not only this, but there is no naturalisation process, you become a citizen without living in the country, making the donation all the more worthwhile.

Now we will move onto the process itself, the steps and timings are as follows:

1. Pre-approval (2 days)

Pay due diligence and submit copies of the requested documents

2. 25% payment and submission of application (4 days)