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United States: All you need to know about tourist visas as an Argentine citizen

Today we’re looking into US tourist visas for Argentine citizens, a topic we think will be really useful this year now that flights are getting back up to pre-pandemic levels, and perhaps you already have a trip planned soon before the end of summer, making the information we have to share even more important.

What’s a visa? Essentially, it’s a term that can be broken down into lots of subsections, whether it be for work, tourism or even special events like sports or conferences, but ultimately it is a document which allows someone entry into another country. Of course, visas aren’t always necessary, but for a country like the United States, there are a massive range of different visas and categories and so understanding exactly what you need before you travel is really important.

Which visa do I need?

As an Argentine citizen, the B-2 Tourism Visa will serve you perfectly well for a holiday in the United States. This is not a specific visa for people traveling from Argentina but rather the general tourism visa, meaning there aren’t lots of extra steps which could cause you too much inconvenience.

How do I apply?

1. Complete the visa form for ‘non-immigrants’, otherwise known as Form DS-160, you can do this online and then print it off so you can have it with you in your interview

2. Upload a photograph. This is for identification purposes and to add to the above form once completed

People aged 14-79 are usually within the demographic for having to do an interview to be

accepted, though if you’re trying to get a renewal you might not have to do an additional one, but we’ll have more on this in a little bit.

In terms of documents, as well as the above items, your passport and a receipt of the fees will be all you need to bring!

How long will I be waiting before I’m approved?

Generally, it takes between two weeks and two months, so it’s a good idea to make sure you plan in advance to make sure your documentation is sorted out and valid in good time to avoid any panic.

How much will I be paying?

The flat rate for the B-2 Tourist Visa is US$160, and considering it is valid for 10 years for Argentine citizens, so although it seems quite expensive, it is actually quite reasonable when we break it down like this and you can re-enter multiple times.

Can I renew my visa when it expires?

Yes! This is really useful because those of you looking to explore of spend an extended period of time in the US have the opportunity to do so. It will cost another US$160 and be valid for the same period of time and as we mentioned before, you may well not have to do another interview, but you will need an appointment at the consulate in your city in Argentina to be able to get the renewal underway.

One of the only requirements is that you’ve not been deported from the US or faced any criminal charges since your original or last B-2 Tourist Visa expired, and you’ll have to present the same documentation as before. Another important element to note is that to make the renewal you have to actually be in Argentina to attend the consulate nearest to

you in person.

On a final note, in some cases it is possible to speed up your renewal appointment, so if you have left it a bit late or really need to get your new B-2 visa, this could be beneficial for you.

If so, maybe we can help you get the ball rolling and help you on your way to the US in no


So, if you are interested in finding out more, contact us today! Below this article you will find a link to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

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