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UAE offers citizenship to talented foreigners!

The United Arab Emirates is a group of states located southeast of the Arabian peninsula in the Persian Gulf (Middle East), consisting of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujaira, Ras el Khaima, Sarja and Um el Kaiwain.

Emiratis are a minority in their own country, as foreigners make up about 90% of the 10 million people in the UAE.

Foreigners in the Emirates generally have renewable visas valid for only a few years linked to employment. Recently, the government relaxed its visa policy, expanding its "golden" visa system, which grants 10 years of residence in the Gulf state, to certain professionals, specialized graduates and others.

Currently, citizenship will be offered for the first time to foreigners and their families who add additional value to the Persian Gulf federation with their talent and skill. This is a unique opportunity in the Gulf region, where access to nationality is very limited.

It was announced by Emirati Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Emir of Dubai via Twitter: “We have adopted an amendment to the law to grant Emirati nationality to talented investors and individuals, such as scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, writers and their families ".

"This amendment will allow new citizens to retain their nationality of origin," he added.

It will not be necessary to apply, but the choice of the people who will receive the nationality will fall into the hands of the central government, the authorities of the seven emirates that make up the federation and local leaders. An opportunity offered to "those who can contribute to our development," Al-Maktoum told The National newspaper.

The approval came through amendments to its nationality law to grant Emirati citizenship to professionals, as well as their families, to "attract talent that contributes to the development" of the country.

The United Arab Emirates is going through a period of crisis with falling oil prices - although some emirates do not suffer from it, such as Dubai - and the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced many foreigners who worked or studied to return to their original places. It was a severe setback for a country that owes much of its wealth to being a center for foreign finance and tourism.

Being a clear and real opportunity to emigrate in times of pandemic and obtain residence in a territory that offers unimaginable living conditions, we are here to advise you on whatever you need.

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