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The Metaverse: Adapting Technology for a New World

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In October, Facebook announced the Metaverse. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Metaverse is “the next evolution of social connection” incorporating VR, AR, and other technological innovations in an attempt to build the next frontier of the internet.

Although the Metaverse may be the next evolution of social connection for its users, what does the Metaverse mean for the technology world? How will companies adapt to fit the Metaverse’s needs while simultaneously growing their platform?

In its current stage, the Metaverse is still in its beginning stages. Although many have an idea as to how the Metaverse will look and operate, no one knows for sure as of now.

There is an endless amount of possibilities for tech developers and users alike, allowing a certain amount of creative flexibility in constructing how the users want the Metaverse to look like through their products. In addition, knowing technology is always evolving and growing, it should be reassuring for businesses and entrepreneurs to invest large proportions of their budget into technology specifically crafted for the Metaverse.

We’ve seen many larger companies like Strivr in Silicon Valley and even Walmart invest in Metaverse technologies to adapt their corporations to the times.

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What are the Upsides of Metaverse Technology?

Using high-quality VR headsets, companies investing in Metaverse technologies have already seen a return on investment, training workers with technical skills, crisis communication and even collaborative projects with other employees. In addition, we’ve seen corporations use these VR headsets to help aid their presentation skills, which may be a great benefit for training and development, sales and other departments marketing a product.

The options are endless, most-likely due to the lack of foundation found in this area of technology at the moment. It’s important to remember Metaverse is in its very beginning stages, meaning we are still learning ways to use these technologies to better our world.

Other ways companies have used Metaverse technologies include onboarding employees, gathering in a digital workplace environment when working remotely, and for practicing emergency safety responses. Although there seem to be many benefits to using the Metaverse technology, there are quite a few downsides as well, especially due to the product still being in its initial stage.

What are the Downsides of Metaverse Technology?

Advanced Technology Needed

With Metaverse technology using VR, AR and even smart glasses, each organization needs equipment capable of using the technology. This means purchasing said equipment for a large quantity of employees. More than that, each user must have an internet connection stable enough to connect to the Metaverse.


With the technology in its initial stages, no one knows for sure how secure the Metaverse will be. As we’ve seen in the past, even small breaches of a corporation’s security can be detrimental to employees, users, and the company as a whole. As the technology develops, we’ll be able to see just how secure the Metaverse will be.

Living in the Real World

With much of the first world already utilizing screens and other technology to advance their careers and live life in a more efficient manner, the question of “what is too much?” must come into the equation. Technology addiction is a real problem, so monitoring how controlling the metaverse will be on people’s lives will be vital.

The Metaverse is new, exciting, and hopeful. Adapting technology to fit within the many possibilities of the Metaverse will be vital for companies to continue to grow their revenue and mission. However, weighing the positives and negatives of these new technologies will be important to maintain the health and wellness of society as a whole. We will see what the years with Metaverse ahead of us hold.

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