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The Digital Nomad Visa in Spain: Live and Work from Paradise!

Then you'll love to learn about the innovative and long-awaited Digital Nomad Visa in Spain! This visa allows you to legally live and work from Spain, and the best part is that it also extends to your accompanying family members. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Who can apply for the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain?

This visa is targeted at non-European Union citizens who wish to carry out their work remotely, either as an employee (hired by companies outside Spain) or as a self-employed worker (freelancer) providing services to foreign or Spanish companies, as long as no more than 20% of their professional activity is conducted for companies based in Spain.

Requirements for applying for the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain:

  1. Social security coverage certificate: If you're an employee, you must submit a letter from the foreign company certifying remote work from Spain and authorizing you to do so. If you're a self-employed worker, you must commit to registering with the Spanish social security system once the authorization is obtained.

  2. Health insurance: You must have medical insurance that covers your healthcare expenses while residing in Spain.

  3. Compliance with international social security agreement: If there is an agreement between Spain and the country where you're affiliated with the social security system, you must prove that you are covered by that agreement while working in Spain.

  4. Certificate of criminal records: You must provide a certificate showing no criminal record for the past two years in the countries where you have resided, along with a sworn statement for the last five years.

  5. Relevant qualification or experience: If you're an employee, you must provide a copy of your degree related to your job position. If you're a self-employed worker, you may substitute the degree with minimum experience in the field of work.

Tax advantages for digital nomads:

Digital nomads will enjoy tax advantages for five years, as long as they haven't been tax residents in Spain during the five years before the law comes into effect. During this period, they will pay a fixed tax rate of 24% on income generated in Spain, without paying wealth tax or submitting model 720.

Required financial documents:

You must demonstrate possession of at least 25,000 euros or 200% of the minimum wage for the main applicant and 9,441 euros or 75% of the minimum wage for the accompanying family member. Lower percentages apply to additional family members.

Reasons to choose Spain as a destination for digital nomads:

  1. Pleasant climate and environment: Spain has a Mediterranean climate in many regions, meaning you'll enjoy mild winters and warm summers. Moreover, its diverse geography offers various landscapes, from paradisiacal beaches to majestic mountains.

  2. Quality of life: Spain is known for its excellent quality of life. The culture, gastronomy, art, and history make this country a unique place to live and enjoy unforgettable experiences.

  3. Modern infrastructure: Spain boasts a modern and well-developed infrastructure, including high-speed internet connections in many areas of the country. This is crucial for digital nomads who rely on a reliable connection to work.

  4. Affordable cost of living: Although the cost of living may vary depending on the region, Spain generally offers a more affordable standard of living compared to other European countries. This allows digital nomads to enjoy a good quality of life without overspending.

  5. Cultural diversity: Spain is a diverse and multicultural country, with a rich history and various traditions. Digital nomads have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures and learn new languages while working and traveling through the country.

  6. Excellent transportation connections: Spain has an efficient transportation system that facilitates travel within the country and to other cities and European countries. This allows you to explore different places during your free time or vacations.

  7. Digital nomad community: In Spain, you'll find a growing community of digital nomads who gather in different cities to exchange experiences and knowledge. This support network can be valuable for sharing tips on remote jobs, places to stay, and activities to enjoy during your free time.

Remember that the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain is a unique opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle you desire while working remotely. Don't hesitate to seek the advice of an expert immigration lawyer to guide you and ensure a successful application process. Welcome to Spain, the paradise for digital nomads!

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