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The 3 New Citizenship by Investment programs that are going to be launched in the market.

In recent months many countries have announced intentions to open citizenship by investment programs. In the last two months alone more than 13 countries around the world have announced plans for creating citizenship by investigation programs.

Many actual global citizens are aware that the declaration of creating a citizenship by investment and the actual implementation of the same are different matters. These programs take a great deal of time and effort .Today we are going to explain 3 of these new citizenship programs that are going to be implemented.

Armenia-October 2022

The Armenian government declared that they would grant citizenship by decree, to individuals who have made a significant economic contribution to the country. This would be the first program for citizenship by investment in the former soviet space that produces a large number of potential applicants. This program was launched in October of 2022 and will be enacted by January 29 of 2023.

The precise amounts it will be considered “significant contribution” are published (from 100.000 and up) along with certain requirements that the government will handle the processing.

Laos-October 2022

Laos, located in Asia, published plans to grant honorary citizenship to foreigners who invest 1 million in the country and donate 500.000 towards “socio-economic development”.

The investors approved under the program will be exempt from entry and exit restrictions in Lao and be able to settle permanently in the county. Also they would be allowed to purchase a real estate property. Then for the time processing this will only be 30 days for the government to review and evaluate your application

Uzbekistán - November 2022

The government in Tashkent submits a bill that, if passed. will be able to grant citizenship for foreigners including stateless individuals who invest at least 1 million in the country.

Market observers generally consider the investment required to be high, and not in keeping with Uzbekistan's relative attractiveness compared to other countries that offer citizenship by investment at a lower price point. However, keep in mind that this country does not permit dual citizenship.

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