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Switzerland: A residency by investment program you won't want to miss out on

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Arguably one of Europe’s most famous countries and places to visit, Switzerland truly is a one-of-a-kind nation to live and visit. Whether it’s the Matterhorn and the Swiss Alps, one of the world’s most high-quality standards of living in the world or the wide variety of ways to spend time in and around the country, Switzerland is a great option for those wanting to move to Europe.

In terms of Switzerland´s population, the Swiss are rather diverse and feature a unique plurilingual society with French, German, Italian and Romansh all being official languages of the alpine nation. In addition, the Swiss are known for their involvement in hosting and developing international and political organizations like the UN Offices in Geneva, for example. Lastly, the Swiss enjoy life on the sweet side and are known for their high-quality chocolate confectionery.

Wanting to learn more about obtaining residency by investment in Switzerland? Read more below about what you’ll need to do just that.

EU/EFTA Citizens and Non-EU/EFTA Citizens

For those who are EU/EFTA Citizens, it’s relatively easy to obtain a residency permit for residence by investment specifically if one has an employment agreement with an employer in Switzerland. In addition, one can also be both self-employed or can prove they are financially independent with enough of an income to cover their cost of living in Switzerland.

Now, for those who aren’t EU/EFTA Citizens, the process is a bit more difficult and requires a set of select and unique circumstances. A few exceptions can be made for those seeking residency by investment in Switzerland but aren’t EU/EFTA Citizens and can fulfill the needs of the requirements:

- If a Swiss employer can prove the value of the given individual seeking Swiss residency in the company and possess the relevant qualifications needed to live in Switzerland OR

- If a foreign national creates a company in Switzerland and holds a senior position in the company OR

- Paying a minimum net annual tax to acquire residency regardless of age.

However, it’s important to note each of these requirements will change based on each Swiss canton, which is why it’s important for each individual to have a general understanding of the canton system and the way they work before applying.

One should expect anywhere from three to six months for this process to be completed. It’s one of the more technical residency by investment options on the market, so be prepared to wait until the latter end of this time period.

Why Switzerland?

Especially after a complex residency process like Switzerland’s, why would one choose Switzerland to live and work? Although we briefly talked about some advantages of Switzerland above, some other benefits of the Swiss society and lifestyle include:

- Stable economy

- High-quality infrastructure

- World’s best banking system

- Efficient public services

- Great European location and more

So, if you are interested in finding out more about Swiss residency by investment program, contact us today! Below this article you will find a link to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

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