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Second Passport: Requirements to obtain Citizenship in Chile

The Nationalization Letter is a way of acquiring Chilean nationality by virtue of the provisions of Article 10 N ° 3 of the Political Constitution of the Republic, which is embodied in an Exempt Decree signed by the Minister of the Interior by order of the Republic President.

As of 01/08/2016, a Letter of Nationalization may be granted to those who have reached the age of 18 years who have five or more years of residence in Chile (counting from the stamping of the visa that gave rise to the Definitive Permanence that remains in force ), and who are holders of Permanent Residence.

The children of foreigners who have reached 14 years of age, have five or more years of residence in Chile (from the first stamped visa), are holders of Permanent Residence and have a notarized authorization may also request a Nationalization Letter. of your father, mother or who is in charge of your personal care (you must present a legal document that grants such care).

It should be noted that the computer system does not allow incomplete applications to be sent, so all requested documents must be attached. Otherwise, it is not possible to advance electronically in the entry of the application and complete its submission.

Likewise, it is especially necessary to bear in mind that if the user attaches erroneous, incomplete or incorrect information, they will be notified that their request is not progressing and will be granted a period of five business days, counted from the notification, to correct the lack or accompany the respective documents, sending them through the Office of Parties closest to your home.

If you do not do so within the indicated period, you will be considered to have withdrawn your request, and may submit a new request through the Digital Nationalization Platform, once you have gathered all the background information that supports your request. It should be noted that when making this new application, you must again accompany the complete, updated and current documentation as of the date of entry.

All documents issued abroad must be apostilled or duly legalized by the Chilean consulate of the country of origin and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chile. In addition, any document that is in a language other than Spanish or English must be translated.



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