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Permanent Residency in the United States: How to obtain a Green Card in the US.

Permanent residency is the status that immigrants are granted to live and work in the United States.

Different Ways to Obtain Permanent Residence in the United States

1. Family member

The most common way for people to get permanent residency is at the request of a family member who is an American citizen or who has permanent residence, of course, these applications have their limitations, for example, it is not possible to apply for a cousin.

2. Lottery

Annually, although the new administration intends to make certain changes, or even abolish this practice, the American government grants 50,000 immigrant visas in the diversity lottery. It's a free draw in which people can register, and if some requirements pass, they will be able to participate.

3. Extraordinary Skills

People with extraordinary skills in Arts, Science, Sports, Education or Business can apply to the EB-1 visa, and they can do it independently, the requirements for these applications to be admitted have supremely high standards, such as Olympic medal or Nobel Prize winners.

4. Sponsorship

When you have a job offer from an American company or institution, you can obtain permanent residency for a foreign employee.

What you need to keep in mind is that you need to be professional, have exceptional skills, have master's degrees, PhDs, have five years of work experience with an excellent record, two-year hands-on studies, or two-year experiences.

It can even apply to workers without college as long as there are no workers available for that job in the United States.

5. Special immigrant category

Some people by profession are categorized differently, and for them, there is the EB-4 visa, people such as religious officials, doctors, workers from international organizations, journalists and some people who have contributed to the American government as Afghan and Iraqi translators and others.

6. Investment

For investors who intend to obtain permanent residency, there is the EB-5 visa, in which, depending on multiple variables, by investing from $ 500,000 to $ 1,000,000 dollars.

It should be noted that not any investment qualifies to apply for this visa, so the advice of a professional on the subject is necessary.

Also for living a long time in the United States. People who have lived in the United States since January 1, 1972 and can prove it, have the right to permanent residence.

7. Court

An immigration judge can rule that a foreigner in case of deportation can remain in American territory, adjusting his status and granting the Green Card.

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