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Perú: Obtain your permanent residency through opening a bank account


For any of you wanting to secure a Peruvian passport, it would be in your best interest to start to think about opening a bank account in the country. Whether it be to maintain savings in your home country or start to invest in Perú, opening a bank account here would be worthwhile.

Easier than most countries to do so, here are the requirements for opening an account:

Proof of Residency

In nations like Lithuania, Romania, Switzerland, and others, you must first acquire a valid Peruvian passport before banking. A good option for expats is the Carné de Extranjería, more or less an identification card for foreigners living in Perú. Not only does the card confirm the expats live in Perú, but it also confirms the ex-pat is able to work, study, or start their own business in the country. More importantly, this card shows the individual’s tax responsibility in Perú.

Proof of Address

That’s right - to open a bank account in Perú, you must first provide a specific, physical address in which you live. To bank in Perú is to own in Perú, and to own in Perú is to live in Perú.


Lastly, a passport is the last legal document needed to allow you to open a bank account in Perú. It’s a common mistake by many foreigners to attempt to open a bank account with only their Carné de Extranjería considering the sheer amount of information on the card, but the common passport is a necessary part of the process as well.

Apart from these three documents, the Peruvian authorities can also inquire about proof of income, criminal history, background checks, and others before allowing you to open up a bank account in the country.

We know that sometimes this can be a stressful process, but we at Creimerman are here to help. If you want more help, want to learn more, or have any questions, contact us today! You’ll find a link below this article to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

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