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Paraguay: Got a degree and looking to relocate? This could be the perfect residency program for you

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Paraguay is one of the best options for second residency in the world, facilitating people from across the globe access to one of the most rapidly developing Latin American nations.

It has to be said that despite the fact that there has not been as much publicity regarding the nation in terms of tourism when compared with its neighbours in recent years, there is

certainly a charm which is being recognised by people the world over, and perhaps will be worth your time taking a deeper consideration as to the benefits of obtaining residency there.

To provide you with a little bit of context before getting into the main subject of today, residency is an official permission granted to someone with a different nationality, allowing them to live and work for a specified period of time, in this case, in Paraguay.

Residency is either temporary or permanent, the difference between the two being that the former is a short period of time and the latter is valid permanently, meaning you are able to stay for an indefinite period for you to be able to apply for citizenship after the requisite period should you wish.

Before introducing you to all the information related to relocate in Paraguay, if you are considering options for citizenship or recidency by investment programs, contact us!. Our specialized team can help you with all your concerns. Click here.

Why Paraguay?

Paraguay is a landlocked country in the heart of Latin America. As we touched on above, it doesn’t get the positive attention it deserves considering turbulent passages in its

past, however, times are changing, and the beautiful nation is beginning to show its true colours on a bigger stage.

The capital city, Asunción, finds itself on the banks of the Paraguay River, an important channel for trade and business in the nation, as, without any ocean, this is how many goods and services are supplied to the nation.

Paraguay borders a number of other interesting nations, including Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, meaning if you seek adventure, you not only have Paraguay to explore, but these vast and diverse nations close-by too!

Paraguayan culture is a rich mixture of Guaraní and Spanish heritage, reflected in the food and cultural works produced in the nation. This means for anyone looking to relocate, there is an endless supply of history and cuisine to explore.

What documentation do I need to provide?

Any residency pathway in Paraguay requires the same documentation to be submitted during the initial stages of the process. They cannot be overlooked so please find these important papers listed below:

1. Copy of passport

2. Criminal records

3. Birth/Marriage/Divorce certificates where applicable

4. Medical certificate issued from within Paraguay

5. Certificate ‘life and residence permit’ (you will be given this in Paraguay)

6. Affidavit (issued in Paraguay)

7. Document from the National Police in Paraguay

8. Consular visa

9. 2 passport size photos

How does the process work for me and where does my degree fit in?

There are a couple of extra steps once you’ve sorted out all of your documents, the first is where your degree comes in handy. This is because, like we touched on briefly, there are a number of ways to gain residency in Paraguay, and this step is where they are distinguished.

In this case, all you have to focus on is your degree, and an offer of a job in Paraguay to explain your relocation, as well as prove your economic solvency, which is what this comes down to in the end.

Next, you’ll swear an affidavit before a Public Notary.

Finally, your documents will be checked for authenticity. It is worth mentioning also that any documents that weren’t originally in Spanish need official translation and photocopies

of documents should be authorised by Public Notary as well. Any documents coming from abroad should be ratified with the embassy of Paraguay in your home country and legalised by the Paraguayan Department of International Relations.

What are the benefits to me?

Finally, some of the benefits of Paraguayan permanent residency include that you only have to visit once every three years in order to maintain the status, you are able to work and live there and the quality of living is high as prices are relatively low. If you are looking for a road to citizenship, you will have to first live in Paraguay for three years as a permanent resident (more than 183 days in a year qualifies as one year of living).

So, if you are interested in finding out more about Paraguay and its opportunities to relocate and develop your professional activities, contact us today! Below this article you will find a link to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

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