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Latin America: Is Ethereum the pathway to invest in latam?

Although we’ve previously discussed the importance of Bitcoin and its current role in Latin America, today we’ll be diving a bit deeper into ether and why Latin America is one of the most ideal places to mine the cryptocurrency.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with its own native cryptocurrency, also is essentially a community built for online trading - digital trades, global payments,

and others. Ethereum’s goal is to create an online financial system that doesn’t discriminate based on financial status or monetary amount. With only a connection to the internet, you can send, earn, or borrow funds from anywhere in the world at any time.

Currently, Ethereum’s ether is the most-traded cryptocurrency second only to Bitcoin.

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Why is Ethereum (or Any Cryptocurrency) Good?

Physical currency is great to use and save. However, money can be lost, unfairly traded, or charged based on the use of a financial third-party like with Venmo, for example. In addition, banks are legally allowed to cut off services to any of its users at any point. With cryptocurrency, none of these are a worry. Users are allowed to trade their currency independently, meaning the transaction is nearly impossible to censor or monitor, which is one of the many reasons cryptocurrency is growing so rapidly.

Ethereum is a great cryptocurrency option due to its potential at the time of writing this article. Both investors seeking to grow their funds and enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies are excited about Ethereum due to its massive potential. According to an article in, crypto experts believe Ethereum could grow in value by as much as 400% in 2022 alone. Bitcoin may no longer be at the forefront in the coming months!

Why is Latin America Becoming a Crypto Hub?

As we’ve seen in our past publications about cryptocurrency in Paraguay and El Salvador’s Bitcoin City, Latin America is wonderful for crypto mining in that much of the land is very economically-friendly in terms of hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power is a beautifully-clean energy source allowing larger companies to mine in the region without causing too much harm to the planet.

In addition, the developing economies allow each of these larger organizations to continue their mining at a much lesser cost than their homelands. This also gives back to the economies of the Latin American nations, so much so many of the government are considering officially declaring cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin to be official currencies.

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