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Javier Milei, the Outsider Shaking Up Argentine Politics, won the elections

On sunday the 19th of november, Argentina experienced a milestone in its political history with the victory of Javier Milei, an "outsider" representing the La Libertad Avanza party, in the runoff of the presidential elections. Milei defeated Sergio Massa of the Union for the Homeland (UxP) party, securing 55.69% of the votes, with a total of 14,476,462 ballots, against Massa's 44.30%, who garnered 11,516,142 votes.

Milei will assume the presidency on December 10, marking the beginning of a new era for Argentina. His victory was decisive, winning in 20 provinces and the City of Buenos Aires, some with a margin of over 30 points. Although there was an almost tie in Buenos Aires, a stronghold of Peronism.

Sergio Massa, in a gesture of democratic respect, quickly acknowledged defeat and congratulated Milei: "I have contacted Javier Milei to congratulate him because he is the next president chosen by the Argentinians for the next four years. I did it convinced that the most important thing is the message that coexistence, dialogue, respect for peace, in the face of so much violence and disqualification, is the best path we can take."

Voter turnout exceeded 76%, demonstrating the interest and importance that Argentine citizens placed on these elections. From abroad, Latin American leaders sent messages of congratulations and expressed their desire to collaborate with the new government.

Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva, President of Brazil, praised Argentine democracy and wished success to the new government. On the other hand, other leaders such as Luis Lacalle Poe of Uruguay, Santiago Peña of Paraguay, Gabriel Boric of Chile, Luis Arce of Bolivia, and Nayib Bukele of El Salvador, expressed their greetings and willingness to strengthen bilateral relations.

In a less optimistic reaction, Gustavo Petro of Colombia lamented the victory of the "far right" in Argentina, while Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador congratulated Milei and wished him success in solving the country's problems.

From the United States, Ambassador Marc Stanley congratulated Milei and expressed interest in working together in areas such as the economy, human rights, democracy, and climate change.

China reaffirmed its willingness to work with Argentina, despite Milei's previous statements about trade with the Asian country. Russia, on the other hand, respected the choice of the Argentine people but expressed attention to Milei's criticisms during the campaign.

From the European Union, Josep Borrell congratulated Milei and expressed the desire to strengthen ties with Argentina. However, Spanish Vice President Yolanda Díaz warned that "democracy is at stake" with Milei's victory.

International Reactions and Challenges for the New Government

Milei's victory has generated diverse reactions worldwide. International media such as "El Mundo" from Spain and "BBC News" highlight the unprecedented political turn in Argentina, characterizing Milei as a president who challenges conventions.

Milei, with a disruptive discourse and radical economic proposals, managed to capture the attention of voters disillusioned with the country's economic and political situation. Economic crisis, his anti-establishment rupturist discourse, and support from the anti-Peronist center-right were key factors in his rapid rise.

Argentina now faces an unknown scenario under Milei's presidency, who has promised drastic measures to address inflation, stagnation, lack of genuine employment, insecurity, and poverty. Dollarization of the economy, closure of the Central Bank, and cuts in public spending are some of the proposals that have sparked intense debates.

The international community is closely watching how this new stage in Argentina will unfold, as world leaders express their willingness to work with the president-elect in the reconstruction of the country.

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