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How to Open a Gibraltar Offshore Company

Gibraltar is a popular offshore haven among high net worth and ultra-high net worth entrepreneurs like yourself, thanks to the tax benefits offered to non-resident companies.

In this article, we will explore why Gibraltar is an attractive choice and the necessary steps to open an offshore company in this country.

Why Gibraltar?

Despite its small territory and turbulent past, Gibraltar is a prosperous nation known primarily for its strategic importance and economic strength. Despite economic turbulence in Spain, Gibraltar maintains a robust economy and has not experienced recessions. Its economic outlook remains favorable, with solid growth expected in the future.

What are the benefits of Setting Up an Offshore Company in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar presents itself as a more traditional onshore environment that offers tax benefits and investment opportunities. What are these tax benefits and investment opportunities?

Favorable Tax System:

Gibraltar offers one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe. The corporate tax rate is set at 12.5%.The country does not impose income taxes if non-resident companies do not conduct business activities within its jurisdiction, including holding shareholder meetings.

Offshore companies in Gibraltar are also not subject to local taxes such as value-added tax, gift tax, wealth tax, and capital gains tax.

Anonymity Provision:

Details of an offshore company in Gibraltar, including the beneficial owner, directors, and shareholders, are recorded in Gibraltar's corporate register. Although the corporate register is open to the public, nominee services are available to protect the identity of business owners who wish to remain anonymous.

Nominee directors or shareholders act as representatives of the actual owner, appearing in all public records related to the company. This way, you can conduct your business in any industry overseas without limitations, as long as it is legal.

Robust Banking System:

Banking in Gibraltar, while well-regulated, is very business-friendly. For high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals like yourself, opening a corporate bank account for your offshore business will not be a problem.

Setting up a business involves opening a bank account to have a means of moving your money. However, opening a bank account and incorporating the company do not necessarily have to be in the same jurisdiction.

Under British Sovereignty:

Gibraltar's status as a British Overseas Territory provides many advantages over other offshore countries. Firstly, it has autonomy from the British government but is under the protection of the Crown and governed by English Common Law. Secondly, its small size allows its parliament to approve and enact laws efficiently, without excessive bureaucracy. This adds efficiency to its policy-making process.


As an autonomous British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar is classified as a level 1 jurisdiction. This means the country has a reasonably predictable political environment, a transparent legal system, reliable business infrastructure, sophisticated financial system regulations, and a stable economy. All of these contribute to its global reputation as an offshore economic powerhouse.

How to Open an Offshore Company in Gibraltar?

There are 2 ways to open a company in Gibraltar: registering a new company or purchasing an existing company. The necessary steps for each option are detailed below.

Setting up a New Company: To set up a new non-resident company in Gibraltar, you must register with the Business Liaison unit at the Ministry for Business. The Business Liaison unit is a one-stop shop for all business registration requirements. This will ensure a seamless and hassle-free registration process for investors.

Buying an Existing Company:

Buying a ready-made offshore company in Gibraltar is an excellent alternative to setting up a new one, especially if you are under a time constraint or simply want the convenience of it.

A ready-made is a pre-registered, existing company on the ‘shelf.’ These companies have no assets or liabilities and have never conducted business. However, it is registered with the intent of being sold.

Sometimes purchasing a shelf company in Gibraltar can take less than a couple of days. Assuming, of course, that you did your due diligence and the shelf company is clean and up to all legal standards.

Types of Company Formation

In addition to knowing how to open a company in Gibraltar, you should also be familiar with the type of company you should register based on the nature of your business or how you intend to use your offshore company in Gibraltar as an investment tool. The following are the options for company formation in Gibraltar.

Sole Trader:

This is Ideal for small businesses. The individual or sole trader registers as a self-employed worker but can register under a trading name to maintain some anonymity.

General Partnership:

Partnerships can be formed by 2 or more individuals. Each partner jointly owns the business and shares the assets and liabilities. This type of offshore company formation is ideal for startups looking to form a business together.

Limited Partnership:

Similar structure to a general partnership but with a general partner and a limited partner. The general partner has unlimited liabilities and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the business. The limited partner invests in the company, does not participate in daily operations, and has limited liabilities.

Limited Liability Partnership:

In a limited liability partnership (LLP), there are no general partners. All partners have limited liability but contribute to the management of the business. Although the structure may resemble that of a limited liability company (LLC), an LLP does not have a board of directors. This option for offshore company formation in Gibraltar is highly flexible and allows for changes in the corporate structure freely.


Trusts are not subject to taxes in Gibraltar as long as they do not generate income locally. Beneficiaries need not be residents of Gibraltar, but trustees can be legal residents of Gibraltar. Trusts are typically established for asset protection and estate planning purposes.


Foundations function and are used similarly to trusts but have legal personality.

Additionally, you can own and manage properties as legal owners and beneficiaries.

Private Limited Liability Company (LTD):

Setting up a private limited liability company by shares (LTD) is the most popular option among foreign investors. LTDs are ideal for tax management as Gibraltar does not impose corporate taxes on income not generated within its jurisdiction or remitted to Gibraltar.

The process of registering an offshore company in Gibraltar is relatively straightforward and has minimal documentation requirements. Additionally, the operational costs of an offshore company in Gibraltar, such as license fees and annual tax requirements, are minimal.

When choosing a country to establish your offshore business, you should consider not only the lowest corporate tax rates and the easiest way to incorporate a company. Reputation, a stable legal system, access to banks and financial tools, your business activities, and personal goals are also important factors to consider.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about offshore company creation and its opportunities to develop business, contact us today! Below this article, you will find a link to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation with us to discuss your options further.

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