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How to obtain a Work Residency in Mexico

The Work Visa allows you to legally work in Mexico and receive a payment for the provision of services. To obtain it, the interested foreigner must have a job offer from a natural or legal person that has their Employer Certificate issued by the National Institute of Migration. The foreigner is granted the status of Temporary Residence with Permission to work, as well as their corresponding card, with which they can stay in national territory, enter and leave it as well, for up to one year from its issuance.

The requirements for the applicant foreigner are:

1) Original and copy of the current official identification of the natural person or the legal representative of the legal person, in the case of a Mexican, or a valid residence card in the case of a foreign person

2) The foreign person for whom the visa is required must not have an application for a temporary residence to carry out paid activities pending resolution.

3) Original work contract indicating the occupation that the foreign person will develop according to the classification of the National Classification System of Occupations, required time, place of work, and amount of remuneration.

4) Copy of the employer's registration issued by the Institute.

5) Legible copy of the passport or identity and travel document that is valid in accordance with the international and current law of the foreign person for whom a visa is requested.

The legal entity or the natural person also has to meet a series of requirements for it to be able to hire a foreigner. Both must have proof of employer registration issued by the National Institute of Migration. The Work Visa is granted for 180 days and the process to grant it is 30 business days.



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