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How to apply to an Investor or Business Visa in Peru

In order to develop or manage one or more investments, during the validity period of the migratory quality, in a foreign country, the Business Visa is necessary. The Business Visa is the one that allows you to enter into Peru in order to carry out business, legal or similar steps (e.g. the constitution of a company) without the intention of establishing a residence.

The requirements for it are:

1) Complete Form F-007.

2) Legible copy of the valid passport or travel document. The visa beneficiary must be in a regular immigration situation.

3) Copy notarized or authenticated by the notary of Migrations, of the deed registered in the Public Registers where the beneficiary appears with representation equal to or greater than five hundred thousand soles ($500,000) in the subscribed capital stock and paid in cash in full and in a single act

4) Prove that the money invested comes from abroad through a “Sworn Declaration of Baggage-Income”.

5) Letter of commitment to creating at least five 5 jobs for Peruvians in a certain period not exceeding one year. This is a requirement that will be of essential fulfillment to request the extension of residence.

6) Business Feasibility Project (in the case of a newly incorporated company) and Business Plan (in the case of a company on activity) that includes the creation of 5 jobs in a period not exceeding two years. It must be prepared by a collegiate professional, duly qualified and certified.

7) The beneficiary must have the enabling immigration status or the permission to sign contracts, at the time of signing the constitution of the company. This immigration status is not authorized to work.

In order to be a beneficiary of it, it is necessary for the beneficiary foreigner to act as Manager or Director of its company, being responsible for all tax and labor charges. It has a processing period of 30 business days and is granted for 365 days, renewable for another equivalent period.



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