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Find Your Perfect Home in Buenos Aires: 3 Modern Residential Properties Starting at USD52,000!

Argentina is a country that offers abundant opportunities for property investment, attracting both domestic and foreign investors. As the nation experiences rapid urbanization, the demand for residential and commercial properties continues to grow. Compared to other countries in the region, such as Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, Argentina boasts relatively low property prices, making it an attractive and profitable option for investors.

One of the key advantages of investing in the Argentine property market is the recent correction it has undergone. This correction has resulted in lower property prices and an increased supply of properties available for sale. Additionally, rental rates in Argentina are high, providing investors with the potential for significant returns on their investments in a relatively short period.

Let's take a closer look at some exceptional properties available for investment:

Pueblo Caamaño - Pilar, Buenos Aires

Pueblo Caamaño is a unique urban development located in Pilar, Province of Buenos Aires. Currently under construction, it features 350 homes, professional studios, offices, entertainment areas, green spaces, and over 90 commercial spaces. This project offers a serene living environment without the need for extensive travel.

Use: Residential and Commercial

Surface: 65,000 m2

Units: 450

Vitrium One - Vicente López, Buenos Aires

Vitrium One is a modern corporate office building situated in Vicente López, Buenos Aires. With excellent services and construction quality, this property comprises five open-plan floors of 337m² each and a mezzanine. The building seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary design elements, offering flexible units with external extensions.

  • Use: Office

  • Surface: 3,000 m2

  • Units: 5

01 Tigre - Tigre, Buenos Aires

Located at the Tigre just minutes away from Buenos Aires, 01 Tigre offers mixed-use units ranging from 36m² to 112m². This property provides quick access to nature, away from the city's hustle and bustle. The 126 units, divided into three modules, cover a total surface area of 7,400m².

  • Use: Residential

  • Surface: 12,000 m2

  • Units: 126

Serena de Morra - Pilar, Buenos Aires

Situated in Pilar's prestigious area, Serena de Morra is a residential complex catering to new families and young professionals. It features studios, one and two-bedroom apartments, a swimming pool, laundry room, children's playground, multi-purpose room with barbecue facilities, and Wi-Fi in communal areas.

  • Use: Residential

  • Surface: 1,200 m2

  • Units: 18

These properties offer excellent investment opportunities in Argentina's dynamic real estate market. Each presents unique features and advantages, catering to different investor preferences and goals.

Argentina's thriving property market, relatively low prices, and high rental rates make it an attractive destination for both domestic and international investors. Whether you're seeking residential or commercial properties, Argentina offers a wealth of options that can yield significant returns on investment.

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