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Find the Right Lawyer to obtain the Citizenship in Ecuador

Ecuador has been valued as one of the best places to live in the South American continent, for its fantastic natural resources, its climatic variety, the dollarization of its economy, and the notable government impact on the business sector.

On one hand, the imperceptible inflation and the notorious stability of its economy stand out.

On the other hand, when mentioning this country, one of the first policies mentioned is the Organic Law of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which aims to establish the regulatory framework that encourages and encourages entrepreneurship, innovation and technological development, promoting culture entrepreneur and implementing new corporate initiatives and financing modalities to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The scope of this law is limited to all activities of a public or private nature, linked to the development of entrepreneurship and innovation, within the framework of the various modalities of a public, private, mixed, popular and solidarity, cooperative, associative, community nature.

With this simple overview, we can already understand the reason why, in recent years, a large number of foreigners have sought to obtain Ecuadorian citizenship.

The advantages of this citizenship?

The acquisition of certain titles destined for the economic exploitation of the lands, nor the concessions in zones of national security shall not be prohibited. This means that you can take full advantage of all the economic opportunities that come your way to promote the growth of your business if you already have one.

Also, thanks to all the international agreements that the Ecuadorian State supports, its citizens can move freely in the countries of South America just by showing their passport, Brazil and French Guiana are not included. Now, considering that this passport is one of the easiest to obtain in all of South America, the question arises of its requirements to obtain it. Then, Ecuadorian nationality can be obtained either by birth or by naturalization, and it will not be lost by marriage or its dissolution, nor by the acquisition of another nationality.

Specifically, the following may apply for Ecuadorian naturalization:

1. Ecuadorian people who have adopted foreign children and adolescents, in their name;

2. Foreigners in a situation of international protection granted by Ecuador and who have resided regularly and continuously for three years in national territory;

3. Those who have rendered relevant services in the country according to their talents and efforts;

4. The inhabitants of foreign border territories who give credit for being part of the Ancestral Peoples of Ecuador;

5. Foreign persons who have resided regularly and continuously in the country for at least three years;

6. Persons recognized as stateless by the Ecuadorian State who have habitually resided and remain for two years in the national territory.

Those people who enter any of the categories of number 5 or 6, may obtain Ecuadorian nationality through an administrative process, that is, through a naturalization letter.

That is, the naturalization letter is addressed to all foreign natural persons with permanent residence for at least three years on the date of entry of the application, or with recognition of at least two years as stateless by the Ecuadorian State.

In this case, the request for the procedure must be initiated by the guidelines of each of the service provider offices in the country.

Here, the mandatory requirements consist of: