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Environmental Investments in Latin America and the Caribbean: Waste reduction.

Despite over 900 million dollars are spent every month on the management of Solid Urban Waste in Latin America and the Caribbean; more than 45% of this waste has inadequate final disposal due to the lack of viable alternatives. The consequence is a high level of environmental degradation, serious problems for the population’s health and highly inefficient spending for municipalities and industries.

To solve this problem, we have developed a process that we call the Natural Waste Reduction and Transformation Method. It is a method of treating Urban Solid Waste, also applicable to any industry, which allows waste reduction by up to 75% of its original volume and up to 30% its original weight, without chemical aggregates or fuels. As a result of this process, we obtain a 100% eco- friendly fibrous and inert mass, completely reusable as a raw material for different purposes such as: road bases, bricks, tiles, compost, etc.

The opportunity lies in providing a solution to Solid Waste Management in Latin America and the Caribbean; minimizing its environmental impact, lowering its final disposal costs by up to 50% and opening new business verticals from the reuse of the mass resulting from the Natural Waste Reduction and Transformation Method (NWRTM). Feel free to contact us for more information if you are interested in invest in this industry.



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