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Emigration of Russian Citizens to Argentina Amidst War: A Step-by-Step Journey Towards Citizenship

In recent years, Argentina has witnessed a growing influx of Russian citizens seeking to escape the harsh conditions in their homeland due to war and other adverse circumstances. These individuals choose Argentina as a refuge, hoping to provide a safer future for their families. One common approach used by these Russian families to obtain Argentine citizenship is by giving birth to a child on Argentine soil, automatically granting the child Argentine nationality. In this article, we will explore the step-by-step process followed by these Russian citizens to achieve their goal of obtaining Argentine citizenship.

Step by step

  1. Traveling to Argentina and the Birth of the Child:The first step in the process is the journey of Russian citizens to Argentina. Seeking a safer future for their families, many arrive in the South American country with the hope of establishing a new life. A commonly employed method by these immigrants is to travel while pregnant, allowing them to give birth to their children on Argentine soil and automatically grant them Argentine citizenship.

  2. Obtaining the DNI, Passport, and Birth Certificate:Once the child is born in Argentina, the parents proceed to obtain essential documents for the newborn. This includes the National Identity Document (DNI), Argentine passport, and birth certificate, certifying the child's birth in the country.

  3. Applying for Permanent Residency Based on the Child:With an Argentine-born child, the parents can apply for permanent residency in Argentina based on their family ties. This process can be completed within 90 days from the child's birth, facilitating the regularization of their migratory status in the country.

  4. Naturalization Process:Once permanent residency has been obtained in Argentina, the parents initiate the naturalization process. This procedure is exclusively conducted before Argentine federal courts and results in the granting of the Argentine Citizenship Certificate.

  5. Submission to the Civil Court:Once all the required documentation has been gathered, the parents must appear before a Civil Court with jurisdiction in the matter

  6. Obtaining the Citizenship Certificate:Upon completing the judicial process and having naturalization approved, the applicant is granted the Argentine Citizenship Certificate, formalizing their status as Argentine citizens.

Requirements for Naturalization:

To qualify for naturalization, the parents must meet certain requirements:

a) Be over 18 years old.

b) Have resided continuously in Argentina for at least 2 years, properly documented and certified by the National Directorate of Migrations. This requirement does not apply if the applicant is married to an Argentine native citizen and/or has an Argentine child.

c) Present the child's birth certificate, duly legalized as required, with Apostille and/or International Legalization.

d) Provide copies of the DNI and passport.

e) Present certificates of good conduct and residency.

f) Justify means of livelihood through an employment contract, current work certificate, or pay stubs. In the case of self-employment, a copy of contribution receipts will be required.

What are the benefits of the Argentina citizenship program?

  • Full civil and political rights, including the right to vote and run for public office.

  • Enhanced security and stability compared to temporary residency.

  • Free movement in and out of the country without visa restrictions.

  • Access to public services, such as free education and quality healthcare.

  • Eligibility for social programs and government assistance.

  • Recognition internationally, facilitating travel and residence in other countries.

  • Inheritance of citizenship for future generations.

  • Participation in national events and traditions.

  • A sense of belonging and connection to the Argentine nation and its people.

The emigration of Russian citizens to Argentina seeking refuge is a growing trend due to the challenging conditions faced in Russia. Through naturalization, these immigrants find a legal and secure route to establish themselves in the South American country and provide a promising future for their families. Argentine citizenship not only offers them protection and stability but also the opportunity to contribute to Argentine society as fully engaged and committed citizens.

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