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Immigration and investment in Peru for its technological economy

It is time to invest in Peru because its economy is growing. It is an attractive place for anyone, not only because of the language but because it is a diverse, open, and tolerant culture.

Since Peru has been consolidating its economy, it is one of the most attractive countries in the region to invest, as in the mining sector, among others.

Another interesting activity sector to invest in is the oil and gas industry, which ranks as one of the largest contributors to the growth of the Peruvian economy. The country has a hydrocarbon potential of 10 billion barrels of oil throughout the country.

Also, when seeking to invest in Peru in 2021, among the sectors with potential and recovery capacity, the titles of the consumer and construction sector stand out.

One of the first sectors of par excellence will be the construction sector, which in 2020 slowed down and paralyzed so that several projects of construction companies listed on the BVL will start up again in 2021.

The second sector is telecommunications, given that it was one of the fastest-growing sectors due to the pandemic, according to the advancement of technology.

This sector will continue to grow, allowing investment in shares of technology companies. Technology companies and the digital sector are others that project interesting returns on their shares, so some should appear in the investment portfolio, since technological progress has been accelerating since 2020 and several companies will decide to launch new products for companies and consumers improving technology in various aspects.

The third sector that will support the Peruvian economy in 2021 will be commerce, since little by little but with investments slowed down and that the sector will begin to reactivate it will grow again.

So if there are investment opportunities, take advantage of them. In turn, since the pandemic, companies in the health sector have been growing in different sectors and even with the vaccine against COVID 19 and the ceded pandemic, the health sector allows investing and being able to have good returns on the investment of shares of Business.

Second, although they are usually taken as safe-haven assets when the national and/or international economy takes a nosedive, it is always a good time to invest in precious metal assets such as gold and silver, whose prices will continue to rise in 2021.

Nor are there any To forget about some of the base metals, with interesting returns like the price of copper and zinc.

Finally, highlighting this sector, it will be that of cryptocurrencies. In particular, Bitcoin points out that it will be the star investment in 2021 as its price will hit an all-time high in 2020. Therefore, it represents an attractive investment and savings opportunity.

Once you decide on this place as a destination for your professional growth, it is necessary to take into account that the immigration procedures required by a foreigner who is interested in staying in the country to develop activities other than tourism are carried out in the locality of the Superintendency National Migration Agency -organism attached to the Ministry of the Interior-.

Below you will find information on the types of visas and immigration status most requested to establish investments in Peru:

Business visa

It is a document that grants a foreigner permission to visit Peru to carry out business, legal or similar activities, for example, the incorporation of a company. Citizens of some countries do not need this type of visa and it is obtained at the Peruvian consulate in the city where the foreigner is located.


• DGC Form 005.

• Valid passport.

• Copy of the round trip ticket to Peru (ticket, electronic ticket or reservation).

• Letter from the company, specifying the purpose of the visit, duration of the visit and that there is sufficient financial support to cover all expenses during the stay in Peru.

• Letter from the Peruvian company, when the trip is linked to a specific national counterpart, indicating the reason and term of the trip, as well as that it has sufficient financial support to cover its expenses.

• Two (2) passport size color photographs.

• Payment of the corresponding consular fee.

• Pass a personal interview scheduled by the Peruvian consulate (the method of summons varies depending on the country where the procedure is carried out).

Designated worker visa

A person who is in Peru is required to start the process. If the procedure is carried out by a third person, the applicant must present a power of attorney, if the power of attorney is granted outside the country it must be legalized by the Consulate of Peru and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or apostilled.

It allows you to enter Peru without the intention of residence and sent by your foreign employer for a limited and defined period to carry out work activities.

This work visa is also known as a foreign resident identification card and is issued to foreigners with a work contract in Peru. The work contract would have to be for a minimum of (1) year and this work visa, of course, gives you the right to work in Peru. Work visas are issued by the General Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization (DIGEMIN) and can only be requested once they are in the country with a tourist or business visa. Applicants must submit the following documents translated into Spanish by a certified translator:

• Proof of payment

• Photocopy of passport

• Work contract signed by the company and authenticated before a notary public or the DIGEMIN

Investor visas

It can be awarded if you decide to invest $ 30,000 in an existing Peruvian company or one that you have established yourself. The investor visa is valid for one (1) year, but it does NOT entitle you to work in Peru. Here you should also consider that you should present a business plan of the company that is investing in this company and you should guarantee to employ (5) local people in the first year of activity. Must present:

• Photocopy of passport

• Online non-immigrant visa application

• Photo

Visas for independent professionals

If you have a profession and are a member of a professional body, then you could choose to obtain a visa for independent professionals, to work as a self-employed -independent-. This entitles you to work in Peru as a freelancer, but not to work under a contract. Depending on the profession, this visa can be difficult and time-consuming to obtain due to the evaluations that must be done. Must present:

• Photocopy of passport

• Background check of the international police

• Proof of payment

The visa process in a new country can be confusing. Therefore, expats arriving in a new country are encouraged to seek the advice of a team of professional immigration attorneys regarding Peruvian immigration visa services.

It is clear that anywhere and at any time you can invest and win, but the best time is when the expected returns are high and the risks are low.

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