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Crypto: The best type of passports for investors in cryptocurrency

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Are you aware that you can acquire citizenship through cryptocurrencies? We are living in the era of technological breakthroughs, several investors are now showing interest in owning a second passport by investing in crypto. Now, this trend is regarded highly among crypto investors as a result of the increasing government controls and the potential confiscation of cryptocurrency gains.

Owning a second residence abroad is seen by quite a few as an amazing strategy which offers incredible advantages. So here we are going to guide you through how to successfully obtain a second passport through cryptocurrency.

Citizenship by Descent for Crypto Investors

A popular path for crypto-investors to get a second passport is by taking full advantage of the descendent program. Several countries offer this immigration program, such as France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Ukraine and more. A key factor is to show your heritage in the nation you're applying for.

Regarding verifying your claims, you need to prove the source of your citizenship, which may be from your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. But, be aware that this is not the quickest way to become a citizen, given that in some cases, as in Italy, you are asked for a large amount of documents.

Also, top cryptocurrency investors have to be aware of the cryptocurrency market. As we said earlier, the world of cryptocurrencies is very temperamental. So if you don't have two or three years to spare, this is not a great option for you. Still, a few nations can get you a passport in a relatively short amount of time. So ideally, it's wise to check their processing times before going through with your application.

Citizenship by Naturalisation for Crypto Investors

Another option we have to propose to you is a citizenship plan which you can pursue to get one of the top passports for crypto investors, this being the Citizenship by Naturalisation Program, which, while a bit easier than the Citizenship by Descendant, may have extra paperwork involved. Either way, you will still have to wait a few years before you are granted citizenship.

Currently, Argentina is among the nations that provide a naturalisation citizenship visa program. Although this could be a strong possibility, the country as such is not seen as convenient by quite a few crypto-investors. On the positive side, there are several other nations that are offering a quick-track pathway program to get second citizenship by naturalisation. The only thing you have to do is look at several options, weigh up the possibilities and benefits of each one, eventually picking the most convenient one for you.

Citizenship by Investment

The last method for crypto-investors to acquire a passport is through investment. By far the best option, especially if you are short on time. Becoming a citizen through investment is far easier and even cheaper in comparison to the above choices, since you will not have to demonstrate your citizenship or fulfil the necessary criteria for a couple of years.

Among the most accredited regions in terms of cryptocurrency-based passport is the Caribbean. While not all, a range of countries in the region offer this type of immigration program. Compared to other countries, the Caribbean's citizenship by investment involves a much shorter duration for getting your second passport. Rather than years, you can obtain your passport in six months.

In most countries, the Caribbean immigration regime through investment is tax exempt. Even they offer some tax incentives to people who make the Caribbean country their tax residence. So if you are planning to easily and quickly spread your passport portfolio, this is strongly recommended. This particular arrangement may involve either completing a donation to the government or buying a certain real estate property.

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