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Coronavirus: Uruguay makes entry into the country more flexible and welcome foreign residents

Uruguayan government decided to facilitate the closure of borders ordered by the coronavirus pandemic since last December 21 and, with this, authorized the entry into the country of people covered by the exceptions of Article 2 of decree 104/020 of March signed by the President Luis Lacalle Pou and his ministers.

The regulations indicate that those who want to enter the country may request a special permit, which will depend on the authorization of the President and some of his ministers.

What are the exceptions in which you can request to enter the country?

  • Foreigners residing in the country.

  • Aircraft crews and ship pilots.

  • Drivers affected by the international transport of goods, merchandise, correspondence, supplies, and humanitarian and health aid.

  • Diplomats accredited to the Government of Uruguay or International Organizations based in the country.

  • Foreigners who benefit from the humanitarian or health corridor established for the embarkation or disembarkation of cruise ships, ships, and airplanes depending on what is determined by the health authority.

  • Brazilians who, proving their border status, enter the Republic through the Uruguay-Brazil border and remain in the border city.

  • International protection cases manifestly founded by with the provisions of Law No. 18,076, of December 19, 2006 (Refugee Law), which must be analyzed on a case-by-case basis, particularly taking into account the situation of the people who arrive for reasons of family reunification with foreigners who already have permanent residence in the country.

  • Duly justified family reunification situations - with parents, spouses, partners, minor children or unmarried elderly people with disabilities, as provided in article 10 of Law No. 18250, of January 6, 2008, or humanitarian not in the other literal, managed by the Ministry of Foreign Relations before the National Directorate of Migration-.

  • Transitory income for labor, economic, business, or judicial purposes managed before the National Migration Directorate by the Ministry corresponding to the area of ​​activity in question and based on urgent reasons.

From the decision of the Uruguayan government, opportunities are beginning to be seen within a global context of restrictions caused by the coronavirus, so it is essential to be aware of the news that occurs day by day and obtain the correct recommendations of a Legal Team to take advantage of.



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