Chile is setting the path for innovation in the region, and the investment opportunities are growing

In our last business article, we told you how Chile ended the 2020 at the top of the most relevant rankings for investors (if you haven’t read it, you definitely should click here:

To sum it up, the country is the leading Latin-American country in rakings such as the Global Connectivity Index (GCI), the Global Opportunity Index, the Global Connectedness Index, the Global Innovation Index, the Global Talent Index, and the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking; and as if that weren’t enough, it also got the first position as the best country IN THE WORLD to invest in renewable energy in.

Having said that, we left you hanging with a couple of questions: What has the government done to achieve this? Does this have a serious impact in the country’s people and economy? Does this mean it is the time to invest in Chile? And here we are to bring you the answers.

The digital hub of Latin-America

That is the title Chile’s government is truly aspiring to, and with that aim, it has been working on getting the regulation and infrastructure needed done. For instance, it is currently developing a National Artificial Intelligence Policy that will regulate its use and development. It is also a key stakeholder in the Transpacific Cable project, and it is preparing the National Optical Fiber and Southern Optical Fiber network projects, which will connect the country from north to south.

The impact this could have in the country’s people and economy is not just a mere objective, it is a reality. There are more than 15 data centers in the country and a portfolio of projects in the sector that includes more than 20 initiatives for over US$3,000 million. And here are some examples:

- Huawei has announced the construction of a second data center in the country.

- Oracle is planning to open the Chile Cloud Region.

- And Microsoft has announced it largest investment in the country in the last 28 years: a program called Transforma Chile