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Chile is leading all the rankings in Latin America and is the best country to invest in the region

If getting over 2020 and the COVID crisis had been a race, Chile was the undisputed leader.

With the mess the virus provoked, the entire world set its eyes in numbers such as the amount of victims, the amount of vaccines, the unemployment and economic figures and in regulations that would allow their population to go through the crisis… but Chile stepped over that, and focused not only in the crisis, but on the future.

The result? Now than 2020 is over and its rankings and metrics are being published… Chile has been crowned as the region’s champion in the following categories:

Highest investment and maturity in the ICT industry

In Huawei’s annual version of the Global Connectivity Index (GCI), that aims to demonstrate the growing influence of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the global economy, Chile was ranked first in Latin America.

The report ranked 79 countries, representing 95% of the world's GDP, and ordered them according to their investment and maturity in ICT and for their digital economic performance.

Chile placed 30th in the Index (advancing 11 places since 2015!) and so got the regional crown due to its success in combining digital technology with its abundant natural resources, as there are more than 200 companies in the country that focus on them, such as mining and fishing (particularly salmon), and ICTs are having a huge impact helping them communicate and better coordinate with each other.

Greatest potential to attract foreign investors

Milken’s Institute develops its Global Opportunity Index to provide a forward-looking analysis of the potential of foreign investment and to measure a country's appeal to it based on five categories (business perception, financial services, international standards and policies, economic fundamentals and institutional framework) and 96 variables; and Chile was the best performer among the region's largest economies, with a strong performance across the five categories! That has captivated your attention, hasn’t it?

Leading country for attracting clean energy investments (in the world!)

Bloomberg New Energy Finance published the Climatescope 2020 report, and out of 108 emerging countries and 29 developed countries, Chile was selected as the best country to invest in renewable energy.

But what influenced that position? Basically, two facts: one, its clean energy policies and its commitment to transition to a cleaner matrix have allowed them to meet their targets so far; and two, their plan to have 60% of its power generation to come from clean sources by 2035.

And that’s not even it. Not close.

Chile has also led the regional ranking in:

  • Global Connectedness Index (DHL)

  • Global Innovation Index (INSEAD, Cornell University and the World Intellectual Property Organization)

  • Global Talent Index (INSEAD business school, Google and Addeco)

  • IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking

What is more, business and technology are not the only rankings Chile is leading in the region. This year, the country has also maintained its position on the first place in the Human Development Index (HDI) in Latin America and the Caribbean, it has 30 universities among the regional top 150, and it has created Start-Up Chile, the "The Most Revolutionary Accelerator" according Forbes (for more information about this check

This information leads to a million questions, like ¿what has the government done to achieve this?¿ ¿does this have a serious impact in the country’s people and economy?¿which are the regulations that allowed Chile to get here?¿does this mean it is the time to invest in the country?

And we will answer them soon! Stay tuned ;).



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