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Buenos Aires: The Premier City in South America for Remote Workers

In a recent ranking by WorkMotion, a German HR startup specializing in global talent acquisition, Buenos Aires claimed the 20th spot out of 1,500 cities evaluated for remote work suitability. The city's exceptional performance in quality of life, visitor experience, and cultural offerings contributed to its standing as the top destination for remote workers in the region.

Best cities for remote workers

Barcelona clinched the top spot globally, with Dubai and Prague following closely. Buenos Aires' 20th position underscores its appeal as a prime destination for remote work, outperforming other major cities in the region.

WorkMotion's evaluation criteria encompassed infrastructure for work and daily life, labor laws and compliance, cost of living, and local peculiarities. Among the 1,500 cities assessed, Buenos Aires emerged as one of the 85 cities with the highest scores.

Liveability and Cultural Attractiveness

Buenos Aires excelled in the "liveability" indicator, which evaluates the quality and variety of cultural and leisure attractions, cost and quality of mobility, citizen happiness, and overall satisfaction with life. The city's ninth-place global ranking in this category places it among top-tier destinations, led by Tokyo, Barcelona, and London.

Trends in Remote Work

WorkMotion's data reveals a shift in the remote work landscape, with workers now using remote work facilities for short-term travel experiences rather than permanent relocation. Most of these digital nomads, predominantly from the Millennial and Gen Z generations, embark on international journeys for around six months, exploring various destinations without plans for permanent residence.

Advantages of the Argentina "Digital Nomad Visa"

The recent introduction of the "Digital Nomad Visa" in Argentina adds an extra allure for remote workers. This visa allows for a 12-month stay in one of South America's most vibrant cities. Beyond facilitating discounted workspace access in communal areas like WeWork and AreaTres, the visa includes perks such as SIM cards and SUBE cards upon arrival, streamlining integration and mobility in the city.

Opportunities Beyond the Visa

Residency in Argentina offers benefits beyond the "Digital Nomad Visa." With the ability to travel visa-free or easily obtain visas in over 170 countries, including the European Union and the United Kingdom, Argentina boasts a powerful passport, ranked as the 19th strongest globally in 2020. Dual nationality options, along with the right to live and work in other MERCOSUR nations, make Buenos Aires the ideal choice for those seeking flexibility and opportunities for work and exploration post-pandemic.

Buenos Aires not only stands out as the preferred destination for remote workers in South America but also provides a comprehensive range of benefits, making it the perfect choice for those seeking an enriching and hassle-free digital nomad lifestyle.

Buenos Aires, A Hub for Remote Work

As the global workforce embraces flexible work arrangements, Buenos Aires emerges as a frontrunner in providing an ideal environment for remote work. The city's combination of cultural richness, affordable living, and proactive measures like the Digital Nomad Visa positions it as a top choice for remote workers looking to balance work and exploration.

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