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Brazil’s New Digital Nomad Visa: Why It’s Important

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One of the few countries in South America without Spanish as their national language, Portuguese-speaking Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world. Whether it’s the Amazon rainforest and river, dry grasslands (pampas), or long, beautiful beaches, Brazil is an outdoorsman’s paradise. Contrasting with the wide variety of nature are expansive cities like Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and São Paulo, each playing their part in Brazil’s lively and colorful culture.

Whether you’re wanting to spend some time on the beach, explore the deep Amazon, or enjoy the nightlife of São Paulo, Brazil’s got something for everybody.

For digital nomads wanting a bit of a change from their usual work location, the Brazilian Government recently announced a digital nomad visa for freelancers wanting to work in the country. We’ve seen this concept quickly take flight in other countries around the globe since it was first initiated by Estonia in 2020, and Brazil is the most-recent country on the list.

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What Exactly is Brazil’s Digital Nomad Visa?

The Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa program allows employers working remotely to live and work from Brazil for a minimum of one year at a time, with the visa being renewable after the one year time slot. The applicant needs to be able to show they are working in the country by submitting a declaration to the government reinforcing their work.

Also, you should make sure you can meet the following requirements before applying:

- Able to live in Brazil

- Proof of income of at least $1,500 per month OR $15,000 in bank account upon applying

- Proof of employment from company allowing remote work

- Proof of medical records

One can apply for the Digital Nomad Visa either in Brazil or through a consular government office. Expect at least a 4-week application process until you hear back from the government.

What are the Benefits of Brazil’s Digital Nomad Visa?

Although both a culturally and topographically beautiful country, Brazil, unfortunately, has a lot of poverty, crime, and unequal standards of living in many parts of the country’s cities. The Brazilian government knows this and via the implementation of the digital nomad visa, are able to boost the economy and generate income by foreigners coming into the country to work.

For the freelancer, however, the digital nomad visa is a gateway to the following:

- A lower cost of living

- Cheap travel in both Brazil and South America

- Working remotely

- Enjoying Brazil’s culture through festivals, food, and cultural events

- Developing your language skills, and more.

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