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Best Countries for Offshore Companies in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

In today's global business landscape, setting up an offshore company can offer entrepreneurs and investors various advantages, including tax optimization, asset protection, and increased business flexibility. In this guide, we'll explore some of the best countries for establishing offshore companies in 2023, each offering unique benefits to suit different business goals.

What is an Offshore Company?

An offshore company is a legal entity established in a foreign country to conduct business activities outside the jurisdiction of its incorporation. This strategy is employed by many multinational corporations to optimize taxes and maximize profits.

What is an International Business Company (IBC)?

An International Business Company (IBC) is a type of offshore company that doesn't engage in business activities within its country of incorporation. IBCs offer privacy and asset protection benefits, as shareholders' information is not publicly disclosed, and their assets are separate from the company's.

Best Countries for Offshore Companies

While there are well-known tax havens like the Cayman Islands and Belize, considering non-traditional jurisdictions can offer unique advantages. Here are some of the best countries to set up offshore businesses in 2023:

1. British Virgin Islands (BVI)

BVI is a top offshore jurisdiction with a robust financial services sector. It offers ease of company formation, minimal reporting requirements, privacy protection, and tax advantages. BVI introduced the International Business Companies Act in 1984, attracting foreign investors with its adherence to international tax and corporate regulations.

2. Cyprus

Cyprus is an EU jurisdiction that provides favorable tax regimes for foreign investors. It offers a corporate tax rate of 12.5% and has signed over 65 double taxation avoidance agreements. Cyprus also provides access to international markets through trade agreements and a modern financial services sector.

3. Bermuda

Bermuda is known for its 0% corporate tax rate and is a popular offshore company jurisdiction. It offers various routes to obtain Bermudian residency, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs seeking tax advantages and potential residency.

4. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda offer ease of company formation, tax advantages, privacy, and no reporting requirements for International Business Corporations (IBCs). Foreign entrepreneurs can benefit from the country's tax-friendly policies.

5. Georgia

Georgia is an underrated Eastern European country with strategic location advantages. It ranks high in the World Bank's Doing Business Index and offers tax-friendly programs for foreign investors, including options to eliminate or reduce tax liabilities.


Panama offers options for setting up International Business Companies (IBCs) or Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). Panama's IBCs are known for privacy and asset protection. The country has no income, capital gains, estate, or gift taxes.

7. United Arab Emirates

UAE offers diverse business structures and tax advantages. While the country has announced a 9% corporation tax in 2023, it still remains an attractive jurisdiction for setting up a company and potentially qualifying for UAE residency.

8. The Bahamas

The Bahamas is known for its IBCs and tax advantages, including no personal income tax, corporate income tax, capital gains tax, and more. The country's English language and pegged currency make it convenient for foreign investors.

9.Hong Kong

Hong Kong is ideal for larger corporations looking to legally reduce taxes. It offers both offshore and onshore company options, each with unique advantages, such as a 0% corporate tax rate for offshore companies.

10.Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands, known for its offshore hedge funds, offers tax advantages, no income or property taxes, and the potential for residency. It has a stable political and economic landscape.

Selecting the Best Jurisdiction

The best jurisdiction for setting up an offshore company depends on individual goals and business requirements. Entrepreneurs should consider factors such as tax advantages, residency opportunities, ease of company formation, privacy protection, and the stability of the jurisdiction's economic and political landscape. Consulting with experts who have up-to-date knowledge of various jurisdictions can help entrepreneurs make informed decisions tailored to their specific needs.

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