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Argentina: the best country for software outsourcing to develop your business

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Every day the number of companies from Europe, the United States, and Canada that are committed to subcontracting companies from Latin America for software development increases. Large companies such as Amazon Web Services, Facebook, and Google are just a few examples of successful companies that choose the region's talent to outsource technology services.

One of the countries that has become popular in this sense is Argentina, and it has gained momentum thanks to government policies that favour the export of knowledge and/or software. In addition, the Global Skills Index (2021) report published by the online education platform, Coursera, placed Argentina in the top 10 of the ranking as one of the countries with the most talent in technology worldwide, taking as a reference its performance in industries within of the categories: Business, Technology, and Data Science.

One of the main objectives for which large companies choose to outsource technology services, in addition to reducing their costs, is that thanks to this modality they can expand and gain ground in other markets quickly and effectively.

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Here you can find even more reasons to choose Argentina as your main option for software outsourcing:

1. Tax advantages for software exporting companies.

2. Argentine human talent is highly qualified.

3. Services at competitive prices as it is much lower compared to other parts of the world.

4. IT companies in Argentina are technologically advanced both in terms of infrastructure and professional quality.

Countries like Argentina are propitious places to outsource technology services or software development as they offer efficient and profitable solutions in the short, medium, and long term, since this modality allows companies to delegate certain tasks and thus be able to dedicate themselves to the most strategic part. of your business.

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