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Argentina: An update for foreign nationals looking to enter the country

The excitement surrounding the reopening of global borders is palpable, and Argentina is no exception. We have already covered the specific requirements in a recent article on our blog following Argentina’s new rules which permit the entry of most people into the country following one of the world’s harshest periods of tight control and restrictions, however, today, new revisions have been put in place which makes entry even more accessible.

For context, you will find below the travel requirements for most visitors, as this will be useful regardless of which category of traveller you find yourself in:

· Be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before travelling

· Present a negative PCR test 72 hours before entering Argentina

· Present a further negative PCR test 5-7 days after entering the country

· If not fully vaccinated, you will need to undertake a quarantine period of 7 days

Now we can move on to the update, where such revisions to the initial requirements cover different groups of people who are likely to have good reasons to be visiting Argentina, for example, sportspersons and diplomats. It is now permitted for people under the following categories to enter without having completed their vaccination course, this is to say, has not received both doses of an approved vaccine:

· Direct family of Argentinian citizens/residents of Argentina

· Non-residents traveling for the purpose of work, study, training

· Diplomats

· Officials

· Sportspersons

This is significant not only in allowing more people to enter sooner, for example, if their country of origin has had a slow rollout but someone needs to travel to Argentina, but also because it demonstrates the progression taking place in the region to want to reopen and accept visitors once more. Something which, at one point, seemed a long way away.

So, if you think Argentina may be the next travel destination on your list and you need some more assistance, get in touch with us today! At Creimerman we are delighted to help people from all over the world to expand across borders and grow their business and expand their personal horizons, and we would love to work with you to make you the next.



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