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Antigua and Barbuda: A Caribbean Haven for Citizenship by Investment

Introduction to Antigua and Barbuda's Citizenship by Investment Program

Antigua and Barbuda, a jewel in the Caribbean Sea, beckons discerning individuals to its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, a gateway to dual citizenship and a world of opportunities. Imagine basking in the sun on pristine pink and white sandy beaches, where azure seas meet the endless blue skies. Join the ranks of luminaries like Oprah Winfrey and make Antigua and Barbuda your escape.

The Island Duo: Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua, the larger of the two islands, boasts a vibrant atmosphere with exclusive high-end resorts lining the coasts of Saint John’s. Meanwhile, Barbuda maintains raw and untouched terrain, offering secluded coves and lively beach spots. With 365 beaches between them, you can choose a different one for every day of the year.

Citizenship by Investment in Antigua and Barbuda: A Passport to Paradise

Antigua and Barbuda's CBI program is renowned for its family-friendly approach, making it an excellent choice for high-net-worth investors seeking a second passport. The program offers an array of benefits, making it an attractive proposition for those aiming for global mobility and international opportunities.

Advantages of Antigua and Barbuda's CBI Program

1. Cost-Effective Family Option

Antigua and Barbuda stands out as the cheapest Caribbean option for a family of four, requiring a $130,000 investment, including processing fees.

2. Extensive Visa-Free Travel

Enjoy visa-free travel to 150 countries, including the Schengen zone, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, and more.

3. Minimal Application Requirements

No stringent education or language requirements, and the application process does not necessitate an interview.

4. No Travel Requirement During Application

Complete all steps of the process without setting foot in the country.

5. Tax Benefits

Relocate to Antigua and Barbuda and enjoy generous tax benefits, with no tax on worldwide income.

6. Commonwealth Country and Legal System

As a Commonwealth country, Antigua and Barbuda shares a strong relationship with the United Kingdom, offering citizens preferential benefits.

7. Safe Haven in The Caribbean

With very low crime levels, Antigua and Barbuda ensures a safe environment for residents.

8. Experienced Program with a Strong Track Record

The CBI program, in effect for a decade, boasts a seamless process with a proven track record.

9. Citizen of an Island Paradise

Acquire the privilege to call the pink and white sandy beaches of Antigua and Barbuda your own.

Antigua and Barbuda CBI Investment Options

1. Invest in National Development Fund (NDF)

- Investment: $100,000 for a family of four, with additional fees for each dependent.

- Processing Fees: $30,000 for a family of four and $15,000 for each additional dependent.

2. Invest in Antigua Real Estate

- Minimum investment: $200,000 in real estate, with restrictions on selling within the first 5 years.

- Government Fees: $30,000 for a family of four and $15,000 for each additional dependent.

3. Put Your Money Towards a Local Antiguan Business

- Invest $1.5 million in an approved Antiguan or Barbuda business.

- Processing Fee: $30,000 for a family of four, with $15,000 for each additional applicant.

4. Donate to the University of the West Indies

- Make a one-time $150,000 donation to the University of the West Indies.

- Government Fees: The donation covers processing fees, with an additional $15,000 for each added family member.

Account for Additional Costs

It's crucial to consider additional fees beyond the minimum investment, including government fees and service provider charges.

Antigua and Barbuda CBI Requirements

To qualify for Antiguan citizenship, the main applicant must meet certain criteria:

- Age: At least 18 years old

- Character: Of good character

- Criminal History: No criminal history

- Health: In excellent physical health

- Investment: Make an approved investment

- Residency: Spend at least five days in Antigua and Barbuda within five calendar years

- Oath: Swear an oath of allegiance to the country

Dependent Rules – Who Can Apply as a Dependent?

- Children, including dependent children of the main applicant or spouse up to the age of 30.

- Applicant’s spouse.

- Dependent parents of both the investor and their spouse, over the age of 55.

- Siblings of the investor if unmarried.

- Future spouse of the main applicant for a fee of $50,000.

- Future spouse of a dependent child when the dependent child is financially dependent.

- Future child of a dependent child (fees based on age).

Antigua and Barbuda CBI Required Documents

To complete the Antigua and Barbuda CBI application, prepare the following documents:

- Original or certified copy of a full birth record.

- Certified, colored copy of the current passport.

- Photograph and signature certificate.

- Six original passport-sized photos.

- Proof of residential address.

- Proof of name change, if applicable.

- Permanent residence card, if applicable.

- National identity card, if applicable.

- Marriage or divorce certificate, if applicable.

- Copy of military service card, if applicable.

- Affidavit from spouse or ex-spouse regarding children.

- Affidavit of support for dependents.

- Education certificates and transcripts.

- Professional and academic certificates for all applicants over 18.

- Professional reference letter from an attorney, chartered accountant, or other similar professional.

Supporting Documentation

Include certified copies of current and expired visas, a police certificate, custody or legal guardianship records, a statutory declaration of a non-accompanying parent, and certified translations for non-English documents.

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