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Germán Creimerman

Meet the team

My name is German Creimerman, and I’m the founder of Creimerman Law. I want to tell you a quick story, because I suspect we have a lot in common.

I’ve been a lifelong entrepreneur, I started my first business after finishing out of Buenos Aires University Law School.

You spend years dreaming about starting a really successful business, making a lot of money, and having total control over your life, only to find out… You have to give half of it away to your government. No one talks about that part.


Over the past 5 years, I’ve been meticulously studying Latin America with the purpose of finding the best legal strategies and the best on-the-ground knowledge that actually works.

With so many moving targets in the offshore world, and so many people looking for help, I knew I had to expand.

Over the past few years, I’ve been putting together a team. There are nearly a dozen people that work full time to keep Creimerman Law at the cutting edge of global trends.

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My name is Diego Enrique Vargas, Co-Managing Partner at Creimerman. In my personal experience, I’ve seen and suffered how difficult can be to develop a business or to invest overseas. 

Even though I always wanted to, I’ve not been always an entrepreneur. I started my professional career in huge companies such as Millward Brown and WeWork, and I was shocked to notice how different things were in terms of productivity, from one country to another. This reality became especially notorious when I started developing new markets in the region for Keenvil, a software  Startup. It was then when I experienced how painful it is to grow a business overseas and how important is to choose the right market to ramp it up on an entire region.

As an internationally awarded entrepreneur, and part of a great team full of talent I'm currently leading the business development & investment team for all of our carefully chosen clients.


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Valentina Olivieri

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Growth executive

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Malena Goldring

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Account executive

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Charlie Linton

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Lola Milagros Cotera

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Legal Assistant