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Investor Residency

Under the act no 25.871, Dto. 616/2010, Dto. 70/2017, an investor visa may be granted to a foreign national who intends to make an investment in Argentina for an amount not less than ARS1,500,000 (Argentine pesos) in any lawful business engaging in a productive, commercial or service activity.

The visa is renewable up to 3 years. After that, the resident may apply for permanent residency. After two years of permanent residency, the resident will be eligible for citizenship.

Prior to application, you must submit an investment project in a productive, commercial or service-oriented business. You must also prove your financial situation and the origin and legality of the funds and their entry to the country by means of banking or financial institutions authorized by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA).

After submission of the investment plan, the Ministry of Industry and Tourism of Argentina will analyze your project and decide whether to approve it or not based on the nature of investment, legal viability and economic-financial sustainability of the project. If the project is approved, you may be eligible to apply for the visa, provided that you perform the investment.

Dependents may be included in the application. 

The visa has a validity of one year. You can renew the visa on condition that you still hold the investment. After two renewals, you will be eligible for permanent residency.

Documents Required

  • Affidavit regarding criminal records

  • Original Police Clearance Certificate

  • Evidence of Residential Address

  • One passport-size photo

  • Original or Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

  • Original or Certified copy of Birth Certificate (if applicable)

  • Statement of Source of Funds

  • Investment Plan

  • Business Plan

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Evidence of Business Background

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