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Reasons to invest in cryptocurrency


Cost-effective mode of transaction

One of the major uses of cryptocurrencies is to send money across borders. With the help of cryptocurrency, the transaction fees paid by a user is reduced to a negligible or zero amount. It does so by eliminating the need for third parties, like VISA or PayPal, to verify a transaction. This removes the need to pay any extra transaction fees.



The decentralization helps keep the currency monopoly free and in check so that no one organization can determine the flow and the value of the coin, which, in turn, will keep it stable and secure, unlike fiat currencies which are controlled by the government.


Secure and private

Privacy and security have always been a major concern for cryptocurrencies. The blockchain ledger is based on different mathematical puzzles, which are hard to decode. This makes a cryptocurrency more secure than ordinary electronic transactions. Cryptocurrencies, for better security and privacy, use pseudonyms that are unconnected to any user, account or stored data that could be liked to a profile.

How to obtain money with crypto?

Cryptocurrency mining

A decade ago, it was possible to use your laptop to solve cryptographic problems to update the blockchain. But since then, the industry has become far more complex. 


That is the reason that we provide facilities to companies that want to re-educate their mining machinery to countries where the cost of energy, the cost of land and taxes for mining companies are relatively low, looking for efficiency in operating costs.


These days, people are running server farms in various countries like Georgia, Russia, and China where they can access cheap electricity, cheap hardware, and low temperatures that make cooling the infrastructure far easier than elsewhere.


It should be noted that with the war in Russia and Ukraine the cost of energy in Europe is excessively high, with which many mining companies are looking for new places to run their machines. A great option is South America in countries such as Paraguay or Argentina.Even more so taking into account the low price and low profitability of mining by the price of Bitcoin currently.


As volatile, dispersed and active as the cryptocurrency market is, opportunities to make money through trading are abundant.


As with normal trading, though, it is wise to keep in mind that you will need to pay commissions and, in some countries, you may have to pay transaction taxes. By living in the wrong country or holding the incorrect passport, you can transform a successful trade into an inefficient one. However, if you live in or export to a country like El Salvador or Switzerland, you will be in a tax haven.


To have one of the best passports for cryptocurrency investors is crucial. So before you start to trade cryptocurrencies, I would advise you to see what the regulations are in your jurisdiction, as well as what the fees are for the trading platforms you are using.

Cryptocurrency exchanges & trade

Investing in cryptocurrency

The markets will rise, fall, pass, and move sideways, but as long as there is interest in the various cryptocurrencies, there will be deflationary pressure on them that should cause them to appreciate in value over time.


However, given the intense industry volatility, you need to be careful to be consistent and stuck to your plans. Don't be scared off by the momentary swings, both bad and good.


Consider investing for the long term if you are planning to invest. Bitcoin has been pronounced dead one hundred times, but always recovers. It will always have contrarians. You need to have a strong stomach to get into cryptocurrency investing, but the most important thing is to have a plan and stick to it.


There are some people who choose a dollar-cost basis averaging strategy and invest a fixed amount on a weekly or monthly basis, regardless of whether the markets are low or high. It is very hard, if not impossible, to time the market, especially with something as variable as cryptocurrencies.

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Most crypto friendly countries

El Salvador

El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as the country’s legal tender in its world-first adoption on the 7th of September 2021.


Malta has created a regulatory body specifically for crypto startups. They also offer low net corporate rates and EU banking options.


Liechtenstein does not necessarily offer financial incentives for crypto investors, but the government is very crypto-friendly and the banks there regularly deal in crypto for their clients and have even advised several ICOs.


Vanuatu was the first country to accept Bitcoin payment for their citizenship by investment.


Switzerland adopted pro-crypto regulations long before almost any other country. The low-tax canton of Zug has already been dubbed “Crypto Valley” and the country as a whole is aiming to earn the title of “Crypto Nation.”


Bermuda has passed several laws to facilitate crypto investment in an effort to position the island as a crypto incubator. The new legislation allows for a separate class of banking licenses for fintech and enables fast approval of ICOs.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda now accepts Bitcoin for their citizenship by investment program.


Georgia’s government was one of the first to adopt blockchain technology.

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Reasons to invest in cyptomining

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Lucrative way to make money with bitcoin for companies

This is not for individual investors. Because of the computing power required, the upfront and ongoing costs can far outpace mining rewards earned.


Protect Your Wealth From Inflation

Cryptocurrency is not currency, which means it doesn't respond to inflationary pressures like a foreign currency would. Many advocates of cryptocurrency argue that this is a counter-inflationary asset. As the value of your money drops, the value of your cryptocurrency will increase.


Obtain higher profits quickly

Crypto mining involves using computers to solve mathematical problems the likes of which would not be cracked by mathematicians of any skill level. This is a time-consuming process to make money but if you had a larger operator decoding at a higher speed your profits would expand.

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Crypto mining in latin america

In the past, the biggest cryptocurrency mining sites were in Europe and Russia. But the war in Ukraine changed things. The machines that perform cryptomining spend tons of energy generating that if you are in a country with high tariffs it is not profitable. As there is an energy crisis in Europe, it is no longer a good business to invest there. That is why from Creimerman we recommend latinoamerica. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are already moving their machines to countries like Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay because they are more profitable.


Why Argentina?

Put simply, Argentina has the perfect ingredients list to create an environment in which BTC miners are able to thrive. Here are the factors which go hand in hand to allow such rapid growth:

Low/subsidized electricity

Devalued Argentine Peso

Consumer bills to income ratio

So, how do these all fit together in the Bitcoin miner puzzle? Well, low energy costs and high prices of non-local currency assets mean the profit margin for miners is already huge due to the instability of the Peso at the moment. As well as this, it has been published that electricity bills cost 3% maximum of households’ monthly income, far lower than regional neighbors and so making Argentina only stand out more as an attractive target for crypto miners.

In terms of the energy itself, we’re talking US$0.06/kwh for industrial power, low indeed, but there are mining companies who are negotiating lower prices, indicating potential pull factors for other companies looking to seek out business in Argentina.


Why paraguay?


As we all know, environmental impact is a key factor nowadays in assessing projects of all scales and values, and with this in mind, Paraguay is immediately a great choice for mining in what is typically a polluting sector. This is because Paraguay creates rather a lot of hydroelectric power, a big proportion of which doesn’t get used.  This clean energy surplus is then a big bonus for companies overseas looking to maximize their BTC mining operations without causing too much harm to our planet.  If you want to get more information about this type of energy we recommend this article that was posted in the BBC news


Future Fintech is a Chinese company investing in Paraguay for the purpose of mining BTC, a move which, should all go well, could open the floodgates to more foreign investment. This is reason to be excited for all of us as the long-awaited move to green crypto mining could have its solution in Latin America, driving pioneering efforts to get the region onto the global stage for innovation in more sectors.

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