Argentina Citizenship / Passport                          

If you are a foreigner, you can obtain Argentine nationality in two different ways:

By option

By naturalization


Argentine nationality cannot be renounced. If foreign citizens have another or many other nationalities, this does not prevent the possibility of acceding to Argentine nationality.

You can be Argentine and simultaneously have many other nationalities.


Nationality by option


If you are the daughter of a native Argentine father or mother and you were born abroad, you can opt for Argentine nationality. The procedure is carried out before the Argentine consulate (if you are abroad) or before the RENAPER (National Registry of Persons) or civil registries (if you are in the country).


Requirements for the option for Argentine nationality

Be the daughter of a native Argentine father or mother.

If you are over 18 years of age, it is solely up to you to make the option.

If you are under 18 years of age, the holders of parental authority will be the only ones authorized to make the option for your benefit.

If your child was born abroad, you can give him Argentine nationality

You can go to the consulate closest to your home to process the Option of Argentine nationality for children of Argentines born abroad.


Nationality by naturalization


It is a judicial process that is carried out exclusively before the Argentine federal courts. And it gives you the Argentine Citizenship Charter.


What do I need?


Being over 18 years.

Have 2 years of uninterrupted and documented residence in the country, certified by the National Directorate of Migration (except if you married a native Argentine citizen and / or have a native son).

Birth certificate duly legalized as appropriate, with Apostille and / or International Legalization.

Photocopy of ID, passport.

Background certificate.

Domicile certificate.


Justification of means of livelihood: employment contract, current employment certificate or salary receipt. In case of being self-employed, photocopy of proof of contributions.


If there are Argentine children, provide a photocopy of the birth certificates and certificate from the Immigration Office.