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In terms of land area, the only country bigger than Canada is Russia, meaning in terms of landscape, biodiversity and adventure, there are not many countries with as much on offer.


Whether you are looking to explore the Rocky Mountains, watch ice hockey, or lose yourself in the urban centers of Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, there will never be an end to the activities you can get stuck into, and the fantastic quality of life for residents and citizens alike is a further enticing factor for prospective investors.

Aside from the practical side of things, Canada has low crime rates with fiscal incentives and low operating costs for businesses. Also the free Medicare healthcare system, much in contrast to that of the neighboring US, stands out as a benefit of Canadian residency alongside the education system. Both of these factors are also reassuring to investors looking to move abroad with their families too!

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Minimum investment of USD  1.2 million

Fast processing

(3 to 6 months)

Visa-free travel to around 160 countries

Dual citizenship

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