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Facing financial difficulty? Filing for bankruptcy can provide a fresh financial start by eliminating or restructuring your debt.

Creimerman Law has represented over 3,000 clients with their bankruptcy, predatory lending, foreclosure defense, loan modifications, and other consumer protection matters. From consumers struggling with credit card payments, to hardworking facing wage garnishment or frozen bank accounts to homeowners behind on their mortgage payments, German Creimerman and his legal team have helped their clients obtain the debt relief they need to get a financial fresh start. We also represent consumers harassed by unscrupulous debt collectors for violations of fair debt collection laws, as well as for violations of consumer protection statutes.

Our office always offers a free and thorough consultation where you will meet with an experienced Bankruptcy lawyer. We will evaluate your financial situation and explore all your debt relief options, including fighting credit card lawsuits, negotiating debt settlements, loan modifications, and bankruptcy.

We offer payment plans and affordable fees. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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